300 Million Americans

Jeremiah and Jonas Jefferson
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Every eleven seconds a new child is born in the United States. The biggest population growth is in the west and the south. But many of these newborns will stay in northern Illinois.

For all we know the 300 millionth child could have been born in Rockford. Analysts predict the 300 millionth American could likely be a Latino boy. When the 200 millionth American was born in 1967, the Hispanic population made up about four percent of people living in America. Now about 14 percent of the US population is Hispanic.

"If you look at populations every hundred years or every 50 years there really are significant changes and people worry about that. But change is a positive thing," said Patricia Gomez, executive director of La Voz Latina.

Many farmers are concerned about the changes population growth can bring to northern Illinois. They say we're losing some of the most productive farm land in the country to urban sprawl.

"The loss of farm land could have severe implications 100 years in the future. We're not only using farm land to produce food for the ever growing population of the world. We can also use agriculture to produce fuel and energy," said Earl Williams, president of the Winnebago County Farm Bureau.

The US population is expected to reach 400 million by the year 2043. The United States is the third largest country in the world. We are a long way from number two. India has a population of about one billion. China's population is the largest with about one point three billion.