Forreston Home Invasion

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Two armed men barge into a home, tie up two people and take another hostage, it's not the crime we'd expect to hear about in a small town like Forreston. But that's exactly what happened early this morning.
It happened at 206 Balsam St. around 12:30 this morning. Ben Myers was inside with two friends selling marijuana to an aquaintance. That's always a risky business, but Myers never expected what happened next.
"The door came open real slow and every body looked up like what the heck and two black men entered the house with masks on, white masks over their faces and both of them had guns. They came right up to me yelling my name Benji and held the gun right under my throat," Myers says.
He has no idea how the men knew his name. He does know they took about six ounces of marijuna, $300 and his 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass.
Meyers says the men tied up his two friends, grabbed Meyers, stole his car and drove off to get more drugs.
"They took me out to a shop outside town and made me go in there and break into the shop and take the rest that was out there," he says.
The men then drove out into the country and shoved Myers out of the car without stopping. He walked to a house a mile away and called the police.
Myers says now he's headed out of town: "I'll come back and kill you he says if you call the cops, so I have to move, I can't be around here."
The suspects are still on the loose, last seen headed toward Freeport. Myers says he's never gotten into drug-related trouble before. Ogle County Sheriff's Department Chief Deputy Gregory Beitel says they may prosecute Myers and his friends for drug possession.
Beitel added that while incidents like this are rare, crime is on the rise in Ogle County. There have been ten home invasions in the county in the last fifteen years. The last one was in Forreston in 2005.