No School

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The decision means that some 76, 000 students will not start the school year on time.

The school board thinks it is the best decision to close school Tuesday. No buildings will be open except for the Administration Building. That closing is indefinite. More than 320 support staff members will hit the strike line 7 a.m. in front of their schools.

The night started with a taste of what the picket line is going to be like. Monday night support staff picketed in front of the Administration building. Inside the building things heated up. Support staff crowded in to sweat out the boards decision. School Board President Jim Wood pointed out that the district will end the year with a $1.2 million deficit. Supt. Pas DeLuca says the budget was the deciding factor.

Here is where the union and the board stands with contract negotiations. Discipline procedures and seniority issues have been resolved. Mediators have also agreed on increased life insurance and vacation for the support staff. The major issue is a one-year salary freeze along with health insurance premiums. The union says a freeze isn't fair since no one else in the district has had to settle for that offer.