The N-Factor

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Generations X and Y are all grown up, but today's generation is very much in the "now." and that's why some Rockford teens are getting the word out about their generation. Meet the "N-Factor," also known as Mayor Morrisey’s Youth Advisory Council.
There’s no better place to draw in teens than the mall and that’s where more than 150 kids signed up to join the N-Factor Sunday.
Janelle Thompson, one of the new members, says, "There's a lot of peer pressure nowadays going to high school and having to be everything that everyone wants you to be, so I just could kind of relate."
The teens got their pictures taken and applied to be in the group's new public service announcements. N-factor members hope the commercials will make kids stop and think about their actions.
Megan Osinski, already an active member, described the ads, "There is going to be a lot of statistics, you do this, this is your consequence for what you've done, whether it be good or bad, a lot of in your face hardcore truths."
Since it's start-up in late August, the organization has brought in about 800 students from the Rock River Valley. But is the message reaching kids who are already in trouble?
Thompson says, "Maybe it'll help them realize they're on the wrong track and change that, but I think it'll more or less appeal to people that are on the verge of choosing the wrong path."
The public service announcements are set to air later this month. N-factor also hosts monthly events like concerts and dances and stays in touch with all members through e-mails and phone calls.
The N-Factor is entirely privately funded and in need of community support. To get involved or to make a donation, call the mayor's office at 987-5590 or log on to