300 Million Mark

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Coming up this week, the country's population is expected to grow to 300 million! That makes the U.S. the third largest country behind China and India.

The U.S. Census Bureau says one baby is born every seven seconds, someone dies every 13, and an immigrant arrives every 31 seconds. So if you do the math, we're expected to pass the 300 million mark Tuesday morning.

Our last milestone, was 39 years ago in 1967. That's when our population reached 200 million. That's double the population in 1915. Every day nurses at Rockford Memorial Hospital get to see our country grow in size first hand. In fact, 3-hundred babies are born there every month.

"Just to see a new life come into this world. The potential that each child brings you never know what they will grow up to be or do and how they'll influence the world," says Margaret Hoffman, a Registered Nurse in Labor and Delivery at Rockford Memorial Hospital.

Forty-percent of our population growth comes from immigrants both legal and illegal. Right now, Hispanics are the largest minority group, tallying close to 43 million.

For our next major milestone, it's expected to be in 2040 when our population will hit 400 million.