Army Recruiting Ads at School

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A Stateline school is taking army recruitment one step further. They're advertising on the football field.

When I asked Harlem High School students what they think about the Army advertising at school, some seemed to be quite confused. They thought the ads meant "support the troops" rather than the intended "come join the army."

"How we're supporting the troops out there," say Harlem H.S. student Lindsey Klein. "Every time you see it, you'll think about it, and it's a good cause," says student Kara Hayes.

Every time these Harlem High School students go to a football game, they're greeted by this. A swift marketing campaign to get high school students like these to join the Army. The ad links war zones to end zones, and for some, it seems to be working.

"It motivates me to think about it and shows it's a good thing to do," says student Sabrena Ferguson.

But not everyone's happy the Army is advertising on school grounds.

"I think they should do that at the malls instead of school. I think that school should be for learning and not recruiting for the Army," says Harlem parent Nancy Atanafoff.

"The Army isn't the only advertiser welcoming football fans and that's why some say it's okay to recruit on campus."

"It's just a sponsor, just like any other sponsor. If we had Pepsi signs out there, kids could go work for Pepsi if they wanted to. We're not going to find a problem with that so if it's a way the school could make money it's a good thing," says Harlem teacher David Johnson.

Harlem High School is making six-hundred dollars off the banner. Principal Joe Hazen says there's no plan to take it down anytime soon.

18 Harlem seniors joined the Army after graduation this year. And four others went into the army reserve. Army officials say that number is high for a high school Harlem's size. They hope the ads will attract even more soldiers.

Army recruitment in the Stateline is up about 13-percent from last year.