The Show Is Over

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The show is over. Storefront Cinema's movie projector ran for the last time, at least for now. After 12 years as an independent movie house, the screen is blank.

Classic movie lovers took a final walk down this hallway to find the best seat. A Laurel and Hardy festival is the last film to run on this movie reel.

Regulars say, “There’s nothing like seeing an older movie on a larger screen.”

Storefront Cinema decided to close in order to get a handle on what they call "a manageable debt." The debt is roughly $3,000.

Storefront President Ron Schulz says, “We decided to take a breath. Let’s not get anymore into debt and dig a hole we can’t get out of.”

Ron isn't sure what the next move is to preserve classic film. Frequent ticket holders are anxious saying if they move it, they will come back. While Laurel and Hardy may have been the real movie on the screen, owners were starring in a movie celebrating the impact of unique films. They say eventually the show will go on.