Let It Snow!

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Right now we are all wondering, will there be a follow-up to the first snowfall in the Stateline. How disheartening it was as many of us woke up this morning and got an early taste of winter.

Snow flurries blew throughout the Stateline for several hours. We knew the temperatures would drop, but snow this early is a record breaker. In fact, this is the earliest the Stateline has gotten snow since 1990.

While the snow didn't last for very long, it sure caused some damage for us driving on the road. Several cars skid off the road this morning. Rockford Police say about a dozen accidents were reported today. Fortunately, none of them were serious. But just enough to make drivers edgy about the upcoming winter season.

And speaking of winter...It's always nice to have that front wheel drive when cruising through bad weather. But even then, you can't help but be nervous to drive through snowy conditions

"It's front wheel drive, it's nice put on the heated seat and go," says driver Robbie Coates.

Winter-like weather doesn't phase driver Robbie Coates. But it's others around him that put him on edge.

"Everybody's driving too slow, they're the ones causing more accidents, especially the smaller cars. They're scared," Coates says.

But others are loving it, as long as temperatures stay above freezing.

"Let's just enjoy it while it last. Enjoy the scenery and let's hope it melts so we can get on it's way," says driver Steve Ludolph.

The snow was barely enough to make a snowball, but dangerous to cause several fender bender's throughout the Stateline.

"Cars going too fast for conditions and that's always a problem with the first snow and they need to slow down and watch for overpasses and going over water that 's cause those are the first ones that will ice up," says Brad Trent the Deputy Commissioner of the Rockford Township Highway Department.

While the snow only lasted a few hours, it was enough to prepare these drivers for a wet winter in the months ahead.

Ten Winnebago County salt trucks hit the streets just after seven this morning. Since the snow fall was earlier than usual, they had to rely on salt leftover from last year.

Most of the snow melted within a few hours, so snow plows didn't need to be called in.