Belvidere Murder

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The family of a Belvidere woman murdered over the weekend is speaking out. Antoinette Burg was slain in her home late Friday night leaving behind two young children.

Police have a suspect behind bars, but family and friends are still reeling from the loss.

As Antoinette Burg's family and friends gather to remember the Belvidere mother, one question burns in their minds.

"I'd really like to ask him why. Why would he want to do something like that to someone that was so good to everybody," says Brad Burg.

The 30-year-old known as Toni was a mother to four-year-old Sahara and nine-year-old Brian, who she adopted when he was a baby.

"Those babies don't have any parents now," adds Brad.

Police allege that burg's live in boyfriend Dennis Rogers stabbed her to death in her bedroom on Friday night. Friends say Roger's acted strange at times but the couple did not have a history of violence.

"He weaseled his way in under false pretenses. I believe he had planned what he did to her," says Shawna Gibbons.

While family members find comfort in the arrest of Toni's alleged killer, they say they have to speak out and contest negative reports about Toni's lifestyle and parenting.

"She has a heart of gold. She was good to everyone. She was a great mother, a great friend. A very responsible person," Gibbons adds.

It's painful to watch Burg's loved ones look pour over photographs, looking for answers and wondering what the future holds without Toni.

"My little sister's gone and that's going to torment me for the rest of my life," says Brad.

Toni will be buried on Friday but her memory lives on here. Rogers has been charged with first-degree murder. Burg's family and friends plan to hold a benefit for her two children. We'll let you know when details are worked out.