Vision For North Main Street

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Tuesday night on Rockford Alderman made a special request. Next week Rockford City Council members are supposed to take a vote on a Family Dollar store on North Main. But that vote might not take place anytime soon. Alderman Dan Conness stated that any decision regarding north main street development shouldn't be done without a vision. As of right now developer Oliver Emerson wants to build a Family Dollar store. But several residents have been against the plan from the start. City leaders are beginning to question why such an underdeveloped area doesn't have a plan of attack.

Conness states, “I think it’s in the best interest of the area. It's in the best interest of the city council and the City of Rockford to have a plan in place so we know what to base decisions on."

A similar game plan was also put in place along West State Street. Basically it comes down to smart growth verses a first come first serve basis. Since there are legal objectors to the Family Dollar store instead of a simple majority 10 out of 14 aldermen have to give their approval for the project to move forward.