Natural Gas Prices Drop

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We soon may be paying less to heat our homes and dry our clothes. The government is reporting warm winter months can lower our natural gas bills nearly 13-percent. That's good news for one family - who could use all the help they can get.

The Higdon family has spent the last month cooking from crock-pots and a microwave. They hang-dry their clothes, and have only "cold" water to choose from.

"About once a week we go to friend's house to take a shower," says Jeff Higdon.

Life for the Higdon's has been difficult. They had their gas shut off so they could pay for their family's 27 medications.
"When you gotta pay the deductible and you don't have it then you gotta take it from somewhere else because she needs her drugs," Higdon says.

But their luck will soon change. Their gas should be turned back on in two weeks. And this time, they'll be paying two-thirds less than October of last year. This is for several reasons.

"Including a current quiet hurricane season, neutral weather conditions and increased supply," says Nicor Spokesperson Margi Schiemann.

The dip in natural gas prices will help families like the Higdon's get back on their feet and put their savings elsewhere.

Now, if you use heating oil for your homes you will not get the same perks as natural gas. You can expect to pay six percent more.
Nicor says the weather can be unpredictable so it's not certain. But the government is reporting this winter will be warmer than usual.