Dog Fighting in the Stateline

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Dog fighting, community members in Janesville say no doubt it's going on throughout the stateline. Here's the story of one of its latest victims:

Who could do such a thing? That's the usual response to seeing 'Little Sister Blue'. The Neapolitan mastiff was found outside a manufacturing plant in Janesville. Brenda Bohanan remembers seeing the dog's helpless eyes.

"It wouldn't drink and water. It was really beat up, it was pretty ugly," she says.

The dog is now at the Rock County Humane Society receiving treatment for her severe injuries. Director Chris Konetski says judging by her scars; Little Sister has been abused for years.

"We don't believe she actually fought. She was the bait dog. The big dog the little dog's train on. By nature the breed is know as a gentle giant, so she would make a perfect bait dog," Konetski says.

Chris and Brenda say it's no secret that dog fighting is going on in the stateline. They say it operates underground in many local cities, but if anything good can come of Little Sister's story, it's raising awareness and stopping those responsible.

"Dogs, all they want to do is make you happy, how anyone could take advantage of that," says Bohanan.

"I can't even imagine the type of person who could do such a thing," says Konetski.

Chris says police are getting close to tracking down the owner.
As for Little Sister, inquiries about her adoption are piling in, so no doubt she'll soon find a loving family.

Little sister is expected to make a full recovery, but she is going to need eye surgery.

The Rock County Humane Society is accepting donations to fund that procedure. If you would like to help out you can call 608-752-5622.