New Ideas To Fix Alpine Road

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But State and local leaders need to work out some road blocks of their own before the project gets moving. The State of Illinois wants to get rid of a stretch of Alpine Road and the City of Rockford wants it. But what has everyone using a little bit of caution is whose going to pay up? Anyone that drives on Alpine might read a sign that says, “Leaving Rockford City Street. Entering State Owned Roadway.” Right now the state owns the stretch north of Spring Creek and south of Riverside Blvd. It could take the State about 5-10 years to reconstruct the road because to them it's not a priority. To the city it is. If the State would release money for a jurisdictional transfer the road might be done next fall.

4th Ward Alderman Carl Wasco states, “They'd surely give us jurisdiction if we pay the whole bill but I don't think we should take the road till they fix it."

Erik Funk a Fairhaven Resident says, ‘There are a lot of roads that are raged to drive on but if we can get something fixed closer to home it would help."

Many residents who live in Fairhaven Christian Retirement showed up for Monday night’s informational session. Those in attendance signed a petition supporting the project. They say the bumpy ride is really hard on them. One of the intersections to be fixed would be right in front of Fairhaven and Lutheran High School. In all it could cost about $6.5 million to completely reconstruct the road. Improvements like lighting and sidewalks would most likely be funded by the City of Rockford. But any extra’s depend on what voters decide in the Spring. Some type of a road referendum would need to be passed so the city has more than $4.5 million to work with to smooth out our ride. If you want to help officials gain local control of that roadway you are asked to write IDOT or State Representatives.