A Smoking House You WANT Your Kids In

The fire safety house is being used this week to give kids a firsthand look at what it is like to be in a house fire and how to make it out alive.

Michael Davenport of the South Beloit Fire Department said, “We can teach them not to open the door. We have towels and we will teach them to put them at the bottom of the door to obscure the smoke, then we will teach them to go out the window to safety.”

Children also learn how to deal with a kitchen fire, the number cause of house fires. But the simulation doesn't end at glowing stoves and warm doors. The fire safety house can actually be filled with smoke so kids know what it is like to get low and make their way to safety.

“Usually we'll put a fireman in the room with the children in case there is an issue, you know, they get a little spooked sometimes.”

But nothing is spookier than the real thing. The Rockton and South Beloit Fire Departments believe that every child who has gone through a simulated fire will have a much better chance getting through the real deal.