Friends Release Their Plan

It's been less than two weeks since Friends of Atwood Park learned that outdoor education programs have been temporarily saved, but rather that celebrating, the group's been hard at work, knowing that a road full of challenges lies ahead.

On Sunday, Friends of Atwood took their first big step toward saving programs at the park for the long haul. Friends of Atwood have five months to come up with tens of thousands of dollars. One idea they're putting to the test, “Cool” bottled water.

President Larry McPheron says, “It's probably the best water that can be found in Illinois, if not the United States. It comes from a crystalline aquifer, it has no nitrates, no chlorine, and it far out-tests any water I've ever seen.”

Friends of Atwood are also looking to sales of coupon books, calendars, and ornaments over the holiday season to close the financial gap. But leaders say if you can't give money, you can still help by giving your time.

Though the majority of Friends of Atwood can no longer enjoy the benefits of outdoor education programs at the park directly, they say it's gratifying to know their hard work is paying off.

Look for Friends of Atwood at the CherryVale Mall in the weeks to come. There, they'll be selling that cool bottled water among a host of other goodies.