Minutemen Hold Secret Meeting in Rockford

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As we all know, elections are right around the corner, which is why 12 Minutemen leaders from five different states gathered at the Sleep Inn in Rockford on Saturday afternoon.

The group believes civic leaders aren't doing their part to enforce immigration laws that are currently on the books. Now, they are trying to organize their resources to pressure politicians into doing just that.

While their last Rockford meeting disrupted life in our downtown area, the group took a lower key approach this time. They did this because they say protesters at the last meeting distracted those in attendance, and that keeping this meeting quiet would help them make more progress in their fight against illegal immigration. While the group is still relatively small, leaders are looking for more than just numbers.

"We need to be active. I believe we're winning the battle. I see we're moving towards our goal of curbing illegal immigration and that encourages all of us," says Rosanna Pulido, the director of the Illinois Minuteman Project.

Pulido adds the group will be trying to work with the Winnebago County Board in the near future in order to promote stricter enforcement of immigration laws.

Leaders from Rockford-based La Voz Latina did not return our calls seeking a response.