"Conversation Cafe"

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Marcia Phillips has lived in several different cities throughout her lifetime. Rockford is her favorite. She says the people here are what she loves most.

"I've been places where people don't really let you come inside their lives, or who they are, and in Rockford people do. They're very genuine," Phillips said.

Phillips is collaborating with the president of a group called "WomanSpace". They're bringing people together to talk about what they can do to improve life in Rockford.

“It's an opportunity to bring a lot of different people from all over Rockford together and give them an opportunity to dialog about things that matter," Sheila O’Leary said.

Many of the conversations may focus on bringing beauty and prosperity across the river and into Rockford's run down neighborhoods... such as areas on west state street.

"I see such a potential here where people could really love this place and feel good about it. There are businesses moving out and it's very sad," Phillips said.

Phillips and O'Leary hope they can bring a couple hundred people together at Rockford College. They believe the idea sharing session could provide some answers to Rockford's problems.

To sign up for the "Conversation Cafe" stop by WomanSpace on Maria Linden Drive, or log on www.womanspace-rockford.org