Anchor Harvey Strike

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Winnebago County workers are back on the job and so are Hononegah teachers, but one group of striking workers is still on the picket line, worried about the future.

The Anchor Harvey strike enters its second month with no end in sight for more than 70 manufacturing workers. Will Hoeper's worked at Anchor Harvey for 24 years, but now he's working on his resume and fine-tuning his interviewing skills as he looks for another job.

"Some of them look at you like you might go back there if we hire you or whatever. A lot of us feel like there won't be anything to go back to if the strike goes on much longer. So it's a good time to move on," says Will Hoeper.

The strike is taking its toll on many Anchor Harvey families. The company is maintaining its shroud of silence ignoring union requests for negotiations. A handful of strikers have already found other jobs and many are considering it for various reasons.

"It's just not going to be a nice place to work if we even get back in there. The environment is not going to be what it use to be," says Tad Steubbe.

No new negotiations are planned but there has been some good news for union members. Other local unions are helping them especially the local steelworkers providing information and help as times get tough, but many workers wonder if it's too little too late as they prepare for a cold winter and tough holiday season.

Local 21-27 workers went on strike in October when the company offered a contract that cut wages by 20 percent and cut benefits.