Will Hastert Win Re-Election?

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The controversy surrounding house speaker Dennis Hastert is stirring up mixed emotions among those he represents.

Some of his supporters aren't concerned about his reported lack of response after learning about Mark Foley's over-friendly emails to a teenager.

"I think he's a great speaker of the house, he's quite the guy. He's done a lot here for Dixon," Mark Vice said.

Dixon is Hastert country. Many residents have been supporting him for years. But even some republicans are keeping a close eye on what develops.

"I'm waiting to see what actually comes out. But I'm going to believe what he says for now," Sue German said.

Some democrats hope this controversy will get John Laesch voted into office.

"It certainly will improve his chances on winning. I think he's a very qualified candidate and a good candidate to run against Hastert," Larry Dunphy said.

Even though Hastert is refusing to resign... Dixon and Dekalb voters will decide if he stays on November 7th.