Lawmaker Wants Teachers Armed in Classrooms

UNDATED (AP) -- The recent string of school shootings has prompted a state lawmaker to propose arming teachers with guns.

Republican Representative Frank Lasee says it's a concept that's worked in Israel and Thailand, so why not Wisconsin?

Lasee says if teachers had guns, students or others would think twice about committing acts of violence in schools.

Middleton-Cross Plains Superintendent William Reis says Lasee's idea isn't reasonable. He says it's only asking for more trouble.

Lasee is from Bellevue, near Green Bay, where an attack on a school was recently prevented.

Under his proposal, no teacher would be required to carry a weapon, but those who want to would get extensive training. He plans to introduce the bill at the start of next year's session.

But, he'll have to work around a federal law that bans guns on school grounds.