Political Science Professor Comments on Hastert

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Democrats are calling for the resignation of Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. This comes after a senior congressional aide claims he told Hastert's office about Representative Mark Foley's behavior with teenage pages three years ago.

An Associate Professor at Rock Valley College thinks it would be best if Dennis Hastert stepped down. P.S. Ruckman Jr. says in the past, politicians have resigned for less controversial issues than the one at hand.

Dennis Hastert is stirring up debate on Capitol Hill and in the Stateline over whether he knew about allegations regarding sexual misconduct with Congressman Mark Foley.

"The fact that he was told something by someone three years ago is kind of meaningless at this point. We need to know what was said what was known that kind of thing," said Political Science Professor P.S. Ruckman.

Associate Professor Ruckman says we need more info before jumping to conclusions. He says the spotlight's on Hastert because of a weakening Republican Party.

"If the Republican Party were much stronger and in a better position he'd be censured, we'd all be told not to rest to judgment he'd probably not step down."

Professor Ruckman says Congress has a long history of sexual misconduct, including relationships with underage pages. Ruckman adds Democrats outnumber Republicans three to one on this issue, and the only reason this has become a hot topic is because it's an election year.

Hastert has not yet said whether he'd resign.