Will Hastert Resign?

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Another Republican is pointing his finger at House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Foley's former top aide said he alerted Hastert's office three years ago about Foley's troubling behavior with teenagers. This comes after the number two Republican in the House said he told Hastert about one of Foley's Emails last spring.

Several Democrats are calling on Dennis Hastert to resign after a House Republican admitted he told Hastert last spring about over friendly Emails between Mark Foley and a teenager.

"Most of us are educated, if there's an issue in the workplace, you take it to your supervisor. The speaker is my supervisor," NY Representative Tom Reynolds said.

Democrats are criticizing Hastert for not acting immediately to protect the teenage page from Foley. Congressman Don Manzullo says their accusations against Hastert are premature.

"You can't go around asking people to resign when you don't have all the facts. The speaker is saying we want all the facts, to find out what happened here," Manzullo said.

Hastert says Reynolds remark about Foley's Email was made to him in passing. He insists Republican leaders never actually saw the Emails.

“We did our best at the time with the information we had. In retrospect could we have done better? Yeah, I would have liked to have done it," Hastert said.

Hastert is calling for a federal investigation of everyone who is involved with this case, even himself. But he's not stepping down from his position.