Open Container Policy Results Due Next Week

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They hope to do it by continuing this year's first ever Open Container Policy. Next week both Waterfront officials and downtown bar owners will meet to discuss if the glass was half empty or half full.

Kryptonite Owner Chris Wachowiak stated, "This year was the most profitable year we ever had. We capitalized on days before and days after."

The results are in and it seems Waterfront weekend kept cash registers busy in downtown Rockford bars, but it's not known if cash was changing hands as fast for not-for-profits. The only figures waterfront officials have in now are attendance numbers.

During the three-day festival about 300,000 people came through the gates. That's about the same figure as last year. Figures also show that 70,000 buttons or wristbands were sold. Festival goers usually stay on site for about 2.2 days.

With this being the first time that festival goers could step outside the gates J.R. Kortman Center for Design says their sales were up, but customers had to pay more than normal over Waterfront weekend because they had to match Waterfront prices.

Co-owner Doc Slafkosky said, "Our actual volume was down we sold one less barrel of beer than last year but as far as taking business away from the festival that did not happen."

But the numbers aren't in to back up those figures and that could decide if the Open Container Policy becomes a permanent Waterfront weekend ordinance. One other concern over Waterfront weekend was increased insurance premiums.

Downtown bars say they only had to pay about $70 to $150 more to add Waterfront and the City of Rockford as insurers. Waterfront won't know how much their premium went up till next year.