Amish Community Reacts to School Shooting

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'It was scary," says school teacher Irene Yoder.

This Amish school teacher was too choked up to talk about the school shooting at a Pennsylvania Amish grade school.

Irene Yoder teaches about 20 first through eighth graders at Clearwater School in Albany Township, Wisconsin. Like many of us, this Amish community is angered five young girls are dead and five others critically wounded after being shot in school.

"You hear of other shootings but when you hear the Amish was involved it was quite a shock," says Joe Detweiler, who used to be Amish.

Clearwater School has no fences, no security guard, and no way of protecting their children. Some say the recent school shooting will not effect the Amish way of life.

"They're probably not going to change, they're gonna keep up the same tradition they were taught," Detweiler says.

Tradition for the Amish is a simple life filled with hard work and prayer. But the Pennsylvania school shooting proves that even in Amish country, we are not safe from the evils in society.

The Amish school shooting in Pennsylvania is the third school shooting within the last two weeks.