Who Will Pay Up?

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The Public Safety Committee met Monday night to discuss whose going to pay for a new graffiti ordinance. This idea comes from Boone County Sheriff Duane Wirth. You see big city crimes are now taking over rural areas. Boone County is looking at establishing a graffiti ordinance. Very few counties in Illinois have this law. In Boone County several businesses say they've been hit by graffiti artists several times. The committee debated whether or not to have property owners pay to have graffiti removed.

John Wolf with Wolf Chevrolet says, “It shouldn't be the victim. The business shouldn't be paying for it twice to get it taken care of. The county should or there should be some fund established that you can draw from to get it taken care of."

The hope is that Boone County officials set aside money to reimburse residents. If not the only other option would be to put a Public Safety Tax up for a vote. The Public Safety Committee will focus in on the graffiti ordinance again on Monday, Oct. 9.