Removing Graffiti

Right now, more and more Boone County buildings are being used as a blank canvass, but the artwork that's showing up was never requested.

Graffiti removal issue has already been at the county board level and it got sent back to a committee level. Tonight the Public Safety Committee is going to try to make some progress to determine whose going to have to fork over the money to remove graffiti.

The idea in the past would have charged property owners. That's similar to Belvidere's law. Belvidere sends a notice to property owners and they have 10 days to clean or the city comes in and charges to take care of the dirty work. The latest proposal may look at how the entire community can pay graffiti abatement through taxes.

You wouldn't have to pay any more; the board would just have to transfer some funds. If the Public Safety Committee approves this tonight the issue will head back to the Boone County board on October 11th.