Beloit Smoking Ordinance

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Beloit may be the next city to go smoke free. Some city officials want smokers to stop lighting up in most public places.

"It includes restaurants, places of employment, government buildings, retails stores and other public spaces where people congregate," explained Beloit City Manager Larry Arft.

The proposal makes exceptions for bars and motels. Any establishment that makes at least 50 percent of its profits off liquor sales could allow cigarette smoking inside.

"They wouldn't need to worry about non-smoking areas or any effort to comply with smoking standards," Arft said.

Still, many Beloit residents say the ordinance goes too far.

"Where's it going to stop? It's happening with cigarettes, is it going to happen with alcohol hurting people's health," asked Larry Loomis.

Even some non-smokers say the Beloit City Council should smother the proposal.

"I don't think it's something that should be banned completely. Everyone should have a choice and do what they please, but if you're a smoker, you should have some consideration and maybe sit somewhere else," Tasheka Perry said.

The controversy will light up within two months. The city council could vote on the ordinance as soon as November.