Wisconsin Governor Proposes Energy Initiative

This year, Governor Doyle announced Wisconsin's "Declaration of Energy Independence". He said, " My plan for the state to generate 25 percent of our electricity and 25 percent of our transportation fuel from renewable fuels by 2025."

The plan also calls for Wisconsin to capture 10 percent of the market share for all production of renewable energy sources by 2030, helping our nation kick its addition to foreign fossil fuels, and bringing $13.5 billion annually to Wisconsin's economy by 2030. This investment would create tens of thousands of new, high-paying jobs so that our educated young people can stay in Wisconsin and enjoy all the great things that life in this state has to offer.

"Our state's energy independence strategy relies on our ability to become a leader in groundbreaking research and developing technologies to make alternative energies more affordable and available to all Wisconsin citizens - and to turn those discoveries into the high paying jobs of the future" said Governor Doyle.