City to Hold Fundraiser for Flood Victims

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The city of Rockford is still building a case with FEMA so the fight for financial assistance is far from over. But residents say they can't wait for the money to arrive, and hopefully they won't have to.

"We're still working on the basement, we have stuff to go to the dump. We've lost everything that's in our basement," says flood victim Linda Hunt.

Stories like Hunt's are common throughout the southeast side of Rockford, and many still need money to help clean up the mess left by last month's rains.

"The people that don't have money to pay back loans, what do you do? You're stuck, you're hoping that FEMA comes through for you. Nobody has any answers yet," Hunt says.

"They were not required to have flood insurance. Now it comes time to rebuild and they are really stumbling," adds Rockford Ald. Nancy Johnson. Residents of Johnson's 8th ward were particularly hard hit by flood damage.

But help for those residents is on the way. The city will be holding a fundraiser on Wednesday night from 6-10 to benefit flood victims.

"We can't wait around forever for state and federal funds which we hope are coming but right now, people have immediate needs," Johnson says.

The fundraiser, which will be held at the Teamsters Union Hall at 5533 11th St. in Rockford, will feature a deejay, food, and items to be raffled off.

"Life does go on, we need to rebuild and its gonna be a fun time but its a benefit and a very wonderful cause," Johnson says.

"I hope everyone goes, I hope everyone participates, and I hope they make a lot of money so we all get a little bit," adds Linda Hunt.

Tickets to the benefit cost $5. They can be purchased at the door or in advance through any Rockford alderman. If you can't attend the fundraiser but still wish to donate, you are encouraged to contact your local alderman.