The Grades Are In

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This year a lot has changed. There's new information all collected electronically.

The everyday teaching locally is monitored by the state. This year though, there's a new subject being graded, the No Child Left Behind Act. Under this federal law, parents have the right to transfer students. That's only when the school has failed to make adequate yearly progress. This report card shows 17 Rockford Public Schools are not meeting state standards for the third year.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Ellen Bueschel says as of right now, Thompson, Conklin and Nelson off the list. Dr. Bueschel says she has not received Middle Schools and High Schools that were on last year’s list. Last year 23 schools were on the list.

The state reports that reading performance did not change from last year. Literacy is a very hot issue currently in the Rockford School District. Educators say reading and math is what will change test scores. It's those scores that put a school on a watch list. But the problem locally many educators are finding is that the district does not have a standard reading platform.

Also under state mandate, each school has to create an educational plan of attack called a school improvement plan. By the middle of the week all of our district's school improvement plans will be approved. Within this test scores, attendance, and goals are outlined.

This state report card is just the district's Cliffs Notes. The real test will be when each Rockford Public School gets their individual grades. Those results are expected later this week.