Rockford Police Solve 15th Murder of 2006

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Rockford police wasted no time in apprehending Shung Moore in connection with the murder of Jason Smoliak on Friday night. But they weren't able to do it without some help.

"Information that was received by individuals in the neighborhood lead us in a direction and ultimately lead us to the arrest of Mr. Moore," says Deputy Chief Theo Glover of the Rockford Police Department.

Smoliak was killed by a gunshot wound to the chest in the 1600 block of S. 6th St. This was the second time this week police have responded to a major crime in the Midtown neighborhood. Earlier this week, police conducted a prostitution sting that netted dozens of arrests.

"Neighbors need to come forward, give the information to the police that may be helpful, and report activity that's suspicious so we can prevent this stuff from happening," says 11th ward Ald. Jeff Holt.

But while neighbors helped solve this crime, many say the appearance of the neighborhood invites unwanted residents.

"Where properties are not maintained and where out of state owners own the properties, its a scenario for something bad to happen," Holt says.

Even still, Rockford police believe the success of this investigation will prevent future copycat crimes. The house where Smoliak was found is a well known drug house.

"If you use an apartment or a house, we'll be looking for you in our investigations," says Rockford Police Chief Chet Epperson.

Rockford police say more arrests could be made in conjunction with Friday night's events. If you can aid with any other facts from Friday night's murder, you are encouraged to call Rockford area Crimestoppers.