New Product Hitting Store Shelves

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Six months ago we told you about MALCOME EATON Enterprises product, Spirit Bathroom Tissue. Saturday, the company added Spirit Elite. This is a two-ply bathroom tissue. Spirit Elite will hit store shelves on October 16th. The product will be available at all stores currently selling Spirit Bathroom Tissue, plus Woodman’s Food Market in Rockford. The stores are: Cub Foods, Stephen’s Market, Glick’s Triangle Grocery and Sullivan’s Foods in Freeport, Pacemaker Junior in Durand, and at the Le-Aqua-Na Restaurant and Marina and Noller’s Food Pride in Lena. In Wisconsin, you’ll find the Spirit line at Cub Foods Madison East, Madison West and Nakoma Plaza.

MALCOM EATON Enterprises is a not-for-profit agency that trains and employs people with developmental disabilities. The launch of Spirit Elite coincides with MALCOM EATON Enterprises’ 40th anniversary.