Obama Comes to Rockford

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Senator Barack Obama wants to know what's important in our community. So the freshman Senator hosted a town hall meeting Saturday at Rock Valley College.

"We should begin a phased withdrawal and we should begin this year," Obama says.

Condemning the war in Iraq was the highlight of this town hall meeting. Senator Barack Obama says the war has become less about the military and more about the game of politics.

"The President needs to step back and have a sober common sense strategy to bring our troops home stabilize the situation and refocus our attention on the real war which is the War on Terror," he says.

The Senator also answered audience questions regarding healthcare, welfare and how to become less dependent on foreign oil.

Some didn't have any questions at all. They just sat in awe and were star struck.

"It was amazing. He's so inspiring and everyone loves him. It's just an incredible energy" says Rockford resident Erin Hoople.

Even past opponents speak highly about Obama. General John Borling ran against Obama in the 2004 Primary Election.

"He's trying hard even outside the structure of party. I think in the past main parties let us down cause I like guys who have enough standing that can speak their mind and do the things we need," General Borling says.

And many are looking to Obama to run for higher office.

"I think he's a wonderful man. and I hope he does run for President of the United States," says Rockford resident Ann Cahill.

But when asked about Oprah Winfrey urging him to run for President he says, "Oprah was trying to distract from people calling her to run for President."

The Senator has been consistent in saying he's not planning on running for President and just wants to focus on his work in the Senate.