More Mumps at Wheaton College

WHEATON, Ill. (AP) -- Health officials say the number of mumps cases in DuPage County has increased to 63 this year.

Officials in the suburban Chicago county normally see between zero and three cases per year.

Forty of those cases are confirmed at Wheaton College, with four more cases under investigation. Benedictine College in Lisle has also confirmed one case.

Federal health experts have called a mumps outbreak that began in Iowa last December and spread to other Midwest states the largest in almost two decades.

This year, Illinois has reported more than 600 cases. That's a huge jump from the previous average of ten cases a year.

Mumps symptoms include swollen glands near the jaw, fever, headache or muscle aches. Vaccinations given to children typically limit mumps cases, although a vaccinated person can still contract the disease.