Flood Victims Still Need Help

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Flood victims like Tomas and Robin Rodriguez are finding out their options are limited. They make too much money to get help from the Salvation Army. Rockford's Human Service Department recommends they wait for FEMA assistance.

"Everybody's getting the run around and it's frustrating because you don't know if the funds from FEMA if they're going to come through. And if they don't we're going to be really deep in problems," said Robin.

Now that the weather is getting colder there are new concerns for flood victims. The Rodriguez's furnace doesn't work and it would cost $3,000 to replace.

"In the meantime we're using the money we have right now, what little we had saved to just survive on a day to day basis," Tomas said.

Space heaters and dehumidifiers are the only source of warmth in the Rodriguez home. They have six children to support and a mortgage to pay. Paying for repairs now uses up the rest of their budget.

"We're afraid to attempt to go get a loan because once we get going we don't want to be over our head and lose a vehicle or house."

For now they are living out of boxes of donated clothes and food. Tomas Rodriguez hopes the government will soon chip in funding to help pay for thousands of dollars worth of repairs.