Dilapidated Houses

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This drainage ditch has become a major problem for residents in this west side neighborhood. The ditch often becomes clogged and instead of it flowing into the Rock River, it's flooding several neighborhood yards and basements.

Several county and city officials took a bus tour today through areas surrounding Pierpont Avenue and Cunningham Street. Several homes have caved in roofs, rodents and garbage piling up on their front lawns. Some residents claim an area junk yard is to blame for their property values going down. They say it's time for someone to step in and help improve their neighborhood's reputation.

"We need everyone to come in now and see our situation and say hey were gonna over there and help those people we're gonna go over there and help clean up cause there's good potential over here and not the other way," says neighborhood organizer Pat Eddy.

Residents are demanding the ditches get cleared out immediately because winter storms could pose an even bigger threat when the snow begins to melt.

The Winnebago County Health Department says it will send it's recommendations to county board members on how to solve the drainage ditch problem. The department is also expected to ask for extra funding to help with the cleanup.