IEMA Urges Homeowners To Test Radon

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More than 11-thousand Illinois homes showed up with high levels of radon this year. And now the Illinois Emergency Management Agency wants us to test our homes for the deadly radioactive gas --radon.

"Many tens of thousands of deaths are being attributed to radon so it's a significant thing people should take the time to conduct radon tests," says Larry Swacina, the Director of Environmental Health at the Winnebago County Health Department.

The Winnebago County Health Department says no deaths have been reported in our area, but about 40-percent of Winnebago County homes tested show high levels of radon.

"I didn't realize it was that high so I guess I should look into it for my own good," says Rockford resident Chuck Myers.

This is how the radon detector kit works. You place various tester trays like this one around the house for two to three days. You then mail it to a lab in this envelop. Followed by a test, which results will be sent back to you to let you know if your family may be at risk."

The good news: if your home does show high levels of radon, there are professionals who do the job. But it comes at a high price - $1500.

The kit can be found at hardware stores for under twenty bucks. Or you could hire a home inspector to do the job as well.

There is a Radon Specialist working for the Winnebago County Health Department. He's in the office on Mondays. You can contact him by calling 720-4129.