Back to School Staffing Concerns

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There are only about three weeks left before desks will be filled with learners. The Rockford School District is the third largest district in the state, but are budget concerns and no superintendent hurting the hiring process?

It's all quite in the West Middle School hallways Monday. The only hustle and bustle to get school started off right is in the principal's office. West Middle School is one of the schools with a large teacher vacancy list. Right now, the Rockford School District has 61 full-time teacher positions to fill. The district employs 2100 staff.

Human Resource Director Jim Fehlhaber says it's not uncommon for the district to have about 40 positions vacant throughout the year. The hardest to fill is special education and bilingual positions. The district has been trying to hire back pink slipped staff, but the vacancies though don't fit what they're qualified to teach.

Public and private employment opportunities are quite different. In Rockford, most of the private schools, like Boylan and Lutheran, have no positions available. The Rockford public school district says the larger the district, the harder the match.