New Rules for Flying

Travelers are showing up at the nation's airports with small zip-top
plastic bags to carry liquids and gels.

The Transportation Security Administration's new looser restrictions went into effect Tuesday morning around the country.

Passengers are now allowed to carry liquids and gels if they're in
containers of three ounces or less. Those items must be put in a clear
plastic, zip-top bag that holds no more than one quart.

The T-S-A is now allowing drinks, liquids and gels purchased inside
security checkpoints to be carried onto planes.

In addition, the four-ounce limit on saline solution, eye drops,
prescription and non-prescription medicine has been lifted.

Many passengers say the looser restrictions are making travel easier.

The ban on gels and liquids was hastily put into effect in August when
security officials found out about an alleged bomb plot involving planes
headed to the United States.

Since then, an enormous amount of personal supplies has been confiscated at airport security checkpoints around the country.