How Does Lower Taxes Sound?

“We'll save the tax payers a million dollars out of their pockets”

According to Winnebago County Board member Phillip Johnson, that is the main motivation behind the proposal. It would lower the tax levy rate for the counties general fund. A fund that some board members say has more money in it than is needed. They say a reduction in the tax levy rate would help even out the increased cost of the ever climbing property tax.

“It may not be a huge amount for everybody, it will depend on what their evaluation is but we look at it and say why are we collecting tax dollars when we don’t need them?” Added Johnson.

With high gas, heat, and electric bills every penny counts. But some tax payers are more comfortable with the county keeping a little extra money in the account, even if they have to pay a few dollars extra to Uncle Sam.

“Because you never know when something is going to go wrong we had flooding and you never know when that’s going to happen and you need some extra money.” Said Winnebago county tax payer Jeanine Parker.

And if the savings are only a few dollars a month, some may feel the proposal is a waste of time and effort, but that opinion isn't shared by everyone. Linda Carthell has lived in Rockford all her life.

“Still I think if they can cut corners where they can cut corners then it will be time well spent”