Gas Prices

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While gas station attendants are bringing down prices at the pump, waitresses and cashiers are still ringing up rising price tags on sandwiches and pizza. Customers have to pay extra because many food distributors are tacking on a fuel surcharge for delivering items to restaurants and grocery stores.

"Sometimes we'll just keep the prices the same, but after two or three increases we have to raise the price," Anthony Ditullio, the owner of Ditullio's grocery, said.

Food distributors have been adding fuel surcharges for several months. The dropping cost of gas hasn't lowered the charge.

"I'm sure they like these prices and that surcharge. They're making some money off that," Ditullio said.

Some restaurants are adjusting for falling gas prices. Many pizza joints are lowering their delivery charges.

"The people are not yelling and screaming about the delivery charges any more so much like before," Melinda Dugan, a waitress at Villa Di Roma, said.

When gas prices shot up to three dollars a gallon last month many restaurants such as Villa Di Roma raised their prices a dollar. Those prices are still the same today, but if gas prices keep falling, their menus could change.

"If it will go down a little more then we could go back to our regular prices," Dugan said.

Gas prices have dropped about 24 cents a gallon in the past two weeks. In Rockford the average price is about $2.35 per gallon.