State Bar Explores Dropping Bar Exam

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- The State Bar of Wisconsin is exploring the possibility of getting rid of the bar exam.

Wisconsin allows lawyers to practice without taking a bar exam, but only if they graduated from Marquette University or U-W Madison's law school.

The State Bar's president, Steve Levine, has appointed a committee to study the standards to be admitted to practice law. Among the possibilities? Recommending an end to the bar exam by extending the so-called "diploma privilege" to graduates of all accredited schools.

Levine favors ending the exam.

But, no matter what the committee recommends, it would be up to the Supreme Court of Wisconsin to change the rule.

Not all bar members agree with ending the exam. Foley and Lardner partner Tom Shriner in Milwaukee says the exam isn't difficult for anyone paying attention in law school.