Deadbeat Parents

An area mom says it's bad enough that her ex-boyfriend isn't paying child support. But she says when his employer tried to bend the rules, enough was enough. Now she's taking the company to court.

Makyle Hannah is a typical four-year-old boy, active to say the least, and extremely interested in sports. But his mom worries he'll be sitting on the sidelines because she doesn't have the cash to afford the extras.

"When you stop at night and you look at your child and think, I could be doing so much more for you and with you, if I just got a little support from the father." said Cleo Rodriguez.

As of August, Rodriguez says Makyle's dad hadn't paid child support in a year. He works at Century 21 North in Rockford and now that company is being sued for nearly $200,000. That's for failing to withhold support payments from Makyle's dad's checks.

"There's all kinds of ways to make this very easy for the employer, just a separate withholding - like taxes - they can easily do this - we tell them the exact amount, the pay period - they just have to do it," said Donald Ray, Rodriquez's attorney.

According to court documents, Century 21 North received this letter from the Dept. of Public Aid back in August of 2005 it was notification to withhold income for child support.

But despite doling out more than 2 dozen paychecks in that time, only one check from Century 21 has gone toward child support. The late penalty is $100 per day, per paycheck.

The company's attorney sent us this written statement. It states, 'It is the company's policy to honor all garnishment and child support notices to withhold'... But Century 21 North was confused over this particular employee because he was commission only. The company wrote to the state for clarification - but never got an answer.

The company says the state was non-responsive to our request for direction. Makyle's mom says it's frustrating to face so many obstacles -especially because she's not asking for much.

"Maybe three outfits every season, a couple pairs of tennis shoes a year and half of day care - it's not much to ask from a father," Rodriguez said.