Girl Hit by Car

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A six-year-old girl is struck by a teenage driver while riding her bike through her Roscoe neighborhood. Residents of the girl's subdivision are urging village leaders to make their streets safer.

Haley Boyd is covered with bumps and bruises after a 16-year-old driver crashed his pickup truck into her bike sending her flying to the ground.

"I was speechless. I was crying. I was screaming. To see my daughter lying on the ground like that. She looked lifeless. I was terrified," says Tina Ramos, Haley’s mother.

Police say it happened Wednesday evening. After an argument, an acquaintance of the driver jumped onto the hood of his car. The driver couldn't see Haley or her bike, but luckily she'll be ok

What happened to Haley is a wakeup call for residents of this new subdivision.

"Apparently the little girl was on the side of the road following the bicycle rules so I'm definitely going to be right in the street with them. There's no way they're going without me," says Stacy Hill, a neighbor.

This subdivision has no sidewalks or curbs, so neighbors say the village should take more preventive measures like installing more stop signs or reducing the 30-mile an hour speed limit.

"We've had numerous complaints of speeding. We've conduct periodic radar checks. We've issued both warnings and citations in the area," says Chief Wilder.

Haley's mom still believes this is a safe place to live but is looking for an apology from the teen driver.

"Teenagers struck a six-year-old on her bike, an innocent six-year-old riding her bike. I have not heard are you ok? Is she okay? We're sorry. Nothing," says Ramos.

Meanwhile neighbors plan to take their concerns to the next village meeting. The Roscoe Village Board meets Thursday. As for the driver of the truck, he's charged with theft, reckless conduct, reckless driving and failure to avoid an accident. The truck he was driving is not insured.