School Transfers?

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School children at several Rockford schools aren't getting the education they should, so now under the federal No Child Left Behind law, parents can send their children to schools that are performing better.

The problem is that there aren't enough seats at the schools that are performing well for students to go to. An estimated 6,500 school children have the option of going to an alternate school because 18 schools in the Rockford area are on a federal list of performing poorly. Some of these schools must now provide parents with a choice of staying at that school or transferring to an alternate school, but some children will be left behind because there aren't enough seats for all of these children to transfer to.

The schools that made this year's list triple the amount from last year. Test scores and attendance make of some of the criteria, but experts say that just because a school lands on this poor performing list doesn't mean that school or the teachers are bad, only that some students are having more trouble performing than at other schools, but the point remains that parents have the choice to transfer their child to another school.

Below is a list of the schools on the federal list of performing poorly:

Barbour Two-Way Language Immersion
Beyer Elementary School
Dennis Nature Science Magnet
Ellis Arts Academy
Haskell Academy
Swan Hillman Elementary School
Jackson Elementary School
Kishwaukee Elementary School
Julia Lathrop Elementary School
Wm Nashold Elementary School
John Nelson Elementary School
Rock River Elementary School
Spring Creek Elementary School
Stiles Investigative Learning Magnet
Summerdale Elementary School
West View Elementary School
Washington Communication Academy
Rockford Science & Tech Academy