Auburn Street Opens

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One of Rockford's busiest roads has been clogged with construction barrels for the last six months.... and tonight...those orange barricades are now being pushed to the curb.

Up until this evening...drivers had only one lane to choose from heading both east and west on Auburn Street. But's smooth sailing...all lanes are finally clear of construction.

This is what Auburn has looked like for the last few months. It started as a dead end...then a one-way...then one-lane road. But tonight...two lanes are now open heading both directions.

The street was paved and temporary stripping laid down tonight. Customers at one Auburn Street restaurant say it's about time they traveled on a smooth surface.

"It will be a boom for the guests the people who want to come back and go to the Rathskeller and all the other businesses in this vicinity it will also make travel for us who want to travel each way both ways so much easier like it used to be."

Some Auburn Street lights are still out...with stop signs is in their place. Several side streets that intersect with Auburn Street will also need to be repaved.

Auburn Street was originally supposed to be completed September First...but the City says heavy rains caused the delay.