Winnebago County Workers

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Winnebago County workers are voting Wednesday on a new contract. A weeklong strike for local 4-73 members ended last Friday when union reps and the county reached a tentative deal. Union members have been learning details of the contract offer throughout the day.

Local 4-73 members came to find out the real deal, the details of the county's latest two-year contract offer.

"Originally I came with quite a few doubts and as they explained things to us I found out that considering all the variables it's not a bad contract," says Jeff Skoumal, a local 473 member.

Rumors had many workers planning for the worst-case scenario, but overall union members appeared upbeat about the contract.

"We received something and continue to receive something and that's what the union is about. We continue working and continue moving on," Richard Parker says.

We asked several workers whether they thought the contract was fair but no one really gave a straight answer.

"I'm local 4-73, but I appreciate what the county is doing and hopefully in the future we'll work out something even better," Parker adds.

Union leader Jay Ferraro would not offer any details of the contract until after the final votes are counted which should be around 8 p.m. Wednesday night, but after this there's still one more hurdle. County board members have to vote on the contract and many are expressing concern that they don't have all the information they need to make the best decision.