Click It or Pay

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State and local police were busy ticketing motorists who refuse to buckle up. The hope is this new safety belt enforcement will save lives and get driver to think twice about not buckling up.

If you passed by Kishwaukee Road and Airport Road on Sunday you may have noticed more police presence than usual. Police were testing out a new method of safety belt enforcement. Here is how this new system works, police use their naked eye to spot unbelted drivers. They will then stop and issue a ticket for up to 75 dollars.

Police say the goal is not to issue as many tickets as possible but rather to get more of us to notice these signs and buckle up. Though any driver can be ticketed during this campaign, police are specifically focusing on teen drivers. Statistics show teens are more likely to be found not wearing their seatbelt.

It the safety belt enforcement pilot is successful, plans are already in place to utilize this new enforcement during the upcoming Click-It or Tick It and during Labor Day.