Hononegah School Strike

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Winnebago County workers return to the job and things are getting back to normal in county offices, but things are far from normal in the Hononegah school district. The teacher strike there enters its third week. Parents and students are now stepping in.

Parents and students say they will be out in front of the school protesting the strike until their kids are back in school. They are fed up that an agreement hasn't been reached. The parents say they now hope their voice will pressure both sides to at least get talking again.

As students and parents hit the picket lines Monday morning their message was clear: get the kids back in school. This protest is being waged just feet from where the teachers are striking and also outside the church where they are meeting. Parents have taken a noticeable side in this bitter scheduling dispute, but it not with the teachers or the board, their voice is for their children.

And that message they hope both the board and the teachers are hearing. A little girl even picked up a sign to try and get her big brother back in school. Even though her motives may be different than her parents, the teachers say they applaud this demonstration and hope it gets both sides back to the bargaining table.

The students say they just hope they are not discriminated against when they do get back for voicing their opposition to his strike, but everyday as students remain out of school. There education is on strike as well.

No new talks have been scheduled, but we have just learned the parents have convinced members of the school board and the teachers union to meet Monday night at 7 p.m. to discuss their differences. The meeting will be at Whitman Elementary School at 1060 East Union Road.

There is a petition going around now to replace some of the negotiating members, but no word on if either side will agree to that.