Why All The Noise?

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If you live near or passed by the Greater Rockford Airport on Sunday, you may have wondered why it was so busy.

The Greater Rockford Airport was buzzing as pilots from all over the country gear up for the 51st annual AirVenture, the largest airplane show in the world.

All the planes on Rockford’s runway are Bonanzas. A group of friends, now known as the “Bonanzas to Oshkosh” decided that the only way to make sure they saw each other when they made it to Wisconsin was to arrive together in formation.

When the fly in started 14 years ago there were only 12 participants but this year, nearly 82 planes flew from the Greater Rockford Airport. Planes flew off in groups of threes to make their 45 minutes journey to Oshkosh, but preparation for the fly-in takes several days and a lot of man power.

Air traffic will only get busier at the Greater Rockford Airport as passenger service to Orlando and Las Vegas is set to take flight in a month.